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    Applying for unemployment from a different state can get complicated.

    Creative Commons License photo credit: Daquella manera

    As if claiming for unemployment was not complicated enough, some unemployed workers have to claim for unemployment from another state. This occurs when workers relocate to another state after working in South Carolina. One of the biggest problems when living out of state is contacting an officer to inquire about your claim or ask a question about eligibility. Take for example this comment we received from Kenneth Snyder, one of our readers.

    Two weeks ago, a lady took my out of state remote application over the phone and said that I’ll be getting forms in the mail. I’m still waiting for the forms and cannot get through to a real person on any of the 7 phone numbers I have been given. I am desperate since my funds have been held up since oct 12. Please advise.

    If two weeks have gone by since registering your claim with the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce and you still haven’t received your forms you should contact South Carolina’s Department of Employment and Workforce as soon as possible. Of course, that is the problem Kenneth Snyder complains about in his comment. It is very difficult to get hold of a live agent to ask for help.

    This article will look at what steps you can take to solve problems when claiming for an interstate claim with the South Carolina Department of Employment.

    If you have questions about your interstate claim you should call 1-866-397-2752. If you can’t get through to anybody you should email remoteinterstate@dew.sc.gov and make sure you leave a return email address, phone number and include remoteinterstate@dew.sc.gov in your contact list to avoid your email server from categorizing a reply as spam.

    If you move from South Carolina to another address you will have to change your address with the Department of Employment and Workforce. Call 1-800-529-8339 or if you prefer (we recommend it) file your change of address online by clicking here. The form will ask for your local unemployment office to send your application. If you live outside of South Carolina, choose the Interstate Office to send your form. If you choose to contact the Employment and Workforce department by phone, avoid calling Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays, they are the busiest days in the week.

    Remember you cannot claim for extended benefits online at South Carolina’s Employment Department website. You will have to either travel to a South Carolina unemployment office or claim from an unemployment office in your state.

    Continue reading about how to deal with problems with your Interstate Unemployment Claims in our next article.

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