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  • Are you work ready? If you are unemployed or just leaving school, it can be difficult to know what to do to find a job. Maybe you feel you have tried everything without success of it is your first time looking for a job and need help on how to search for a job. This is the objective of South Carolina’s WorkReady Initiative. This creative employment program helps workers, their work skills, training and testing to the requirements of employers. This helps make their programs more relevant. It also helps workers meet federal programs and enjoy the benefits these afford. WorkReady also supports economic and work development programs and provides the basis for the National Career Readiness Program.

    How can you access this wealth of resources? Visit www.workreadysc.com and learn what WorkReady can do for you. At the basis of WorkReady’s program is WorkKeys, an employment program that provides a skills assessment system that  has become a national movement. The desire for a statewide system arose organically within South Carolina. This is what WorkReady has to say about its beginnings and the purpose of the program.

    In 1998, a small group of professionals across South Carolina’s technical colleges, WIA local areas, adult education, etc. who were already using the system formed the South Carolina WorkKeys® Users Group to identify best practices and to support each other’s efforts. As usage and group membership grew, word of the system’s success in job placement began to spread within the business community. The group continues to meet and has over 100 members, made up of administrators from the Workforce Investment system, South Carolina’s technical college system, K-12 education, Adult Education, and Job Corps. As a result of this grass-roots movement, partners across the state including the sixteen (16) technical colleges, the twelve local Workforce Investment Act areas, providers of adult education, and businesses are at varying stages of development and implementation of a skills assessment system and work readiness certificate program.

    Recognizing the value of the assessment system as well as the reality of inconsistent statewide application, a number of additional groups in South Carolina including the Career Readiness Consortium, a multi-state group meeting over the course of the last three years; the Workforce Innovation Network group from the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce; the Palmetto Institute; and the Workforce Education Task Force of the Council on Competitiveness called for and helped create the push for a statewide assessment initiative. By creating a common "skills" language, this system will facilitate communication among public and agency partners, educational institutions, business and industry, and other relevant partners.

    Are you interested in assessing your readiness for work? Would you like help in deciding what to do next to improve your chances of employment? Click here to find the closest WorkKeys assessment office.

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