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  • Your UC benefits are provided by the South Carolina UC, the EUC program and the EB program.

    The unemployment compensation benefits system in South Carolina is not a simple one. It includes 26 weeks of state benefit, 53 weeks of EUC and 20 weeks of Extended Benefits. If you are unemployed, fear you might be soon or just want the peace of mind of knowing how much you will get and for how long if you lose your job, keep on reading.

    Calculating your total benefits entitlement is especially important if your are applying for a loan modification and need to provide details on the income you will receive.

    South Carolina Unemployment Benefits

    The first unemployment benefits you will receive are paid by the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce (or SC DEW). How much you get will depend on your income during the previous year, how many weeks you worked and if you worked for an employer who paid taxes in your name. The minimum income in your previous year is $4,455, of which you must earn at least $1092 in your highest paid quarter. The maximum state unemployment compensation you can receive is $326 for 26 weeks.

    This program is funded by the South Carolina state and the federal government.

    Emergency Unemployment Compensation

    If you qualified for state unemployment compensation, still unemployed as well as fit and willing to work, you can apply for EUC. EUC benefits offer up to 53 weeks of benefits. However, the amount you receive will gradually drop as you exhaust your benefits. Tiers 3 and 4 (the last 13 and 6 weeks, respectively) are reserved for states with an unemployment rate of 6 and 8.5 percent, respectively. South Carolina, with an unemployment rate of 10.6 percent (January 2011) qualifies for all EUC tiers.

    Tier 1 EUC benefits last for 20 weeks and will give you 80 percent of what you received on South Carolina UC benefits. So, if you got $300 when on state UC benefits you will get $240.

    Tier 2 lasts 14 weeks and you will get 54 percent of your initial benefits.

    Tier 3 lasts 13 weeks and you will receive 50 percent of your South Carolina unemployment compensation checks.

    Tier 4 lasts a final 6 weeks and your payments are cut to 24 percent of your basic South Carolina DEW UC benefits.

    This program is funded entirely by the federal government.

    Extended Benefits

    The Extended Benefits (EB) program is the final benefits plan available to unemployed workers. The requirements for workers to prove they are actively searching for work increase in this program. Extended Benefits last for 20 weeks after which you will have exhausted all your UC benefits.

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