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  • The thrid step to receive unemployment benefits is to file your weekly claims.

    This series of articles has looked into the three steps you must take to receive unemployment benefits in South Carolina. The first step is to File your Initial Claim , the second step is to Register for Work and the final step is to file your weekly claims.

    Weekly claims are very different from the initial claim you made in step 1. To make a weekly claim you can do it online, personally at one of South Carolina’s Employment and Workforce department offices, over the phone on South Carolina’s TelClaim System or with a Pay Order Card. The last option is also done online but requires you apply for Pay Order Card and file it back with them online or at an office. Find below a list of offices and contact information you can use if you plan to visit. These offices also provide internet and phone access as well as other useful job search tools.

    Note that a benefits week generally runs from Sunday through Saturday, so you can apply for a new week every Sunday.

    Lets look at these options individually.


    The beauty of filing your weekly claims online is you can do it anywhere at anytime without having to worry about schedules and waiting in line. You can file your weekly claims at SCES.ORG or click here for direct access. Click on the link with the text “I have read the information and am ready to login” when you finish reading the two lines on the welcome page. Now introduce your Social Security Number and four-digit TelClaim Pin Number. You will receive your TelClaim Pin number when you file your first claim. Press enter when you finish introducing your personal information. Answer the questions on the next page and you are good to go.

    South Carolina Employment and Workforce Offices

    You can also process your weekly claims at an Employment and Workforce office (contact details below) near you. This may be a good option if you are in the area and you want to use some of the services provided at these offices.


    The final method you can use is to file over the phone using South Carolina’s TelClaim System. This method is a little more complicated. The day you must file depends on the last number on your Social Security Number. If your number ends in 1,3,5,7 and 9, file Monday. If your number ends in 0,2,4,6 or 8, call Sunday. If you miss your day you can claim from Tuesday to Saturday. Do not risk missing a week and getting your benefits late.

    Call 1.866.831.1724 if you live in South Carolina and 1.866.831.1725 if you live outside of South Carolina.

    To file you will need a touch phone (one with buttons not a dial) your SSN and your PIN number.

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