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  • The second step to receive unemployment benefits is to register for work.

    The second step you need to take to receive unemployment benefits in South Carolina, after filing your first claim, is to register for work. After all, helping you find a new job is the main purpose of South Carolina’s Department of Employment and Workforce. Providing you with an income while you are searching for a job is an expense you, the department of Employment and Workforce and all taxpayers would prefer to avoid.

    Registering for work is also a requirement to receive your unemployment compensation. If you are not able to work and actively searching for a job, you are not eligible for unemployment benefits. In fact, if you do not register for work withing two weeks of filing your initial claim, you will not receive your unemployment compensation check. The good news is that you only need to register once and there are two simple ways to do it: online or in person at one of South Carolina’s Department of Employment and Workforce offices. This article will give you clear instructions on how to register for work no matter what method you choose.


    To register for work online you must visit the SCES.org website’s Claimant Service Center. The page will give you a list of operations you can process on the website, such as File for an Initial Claim and Register for Work, Just Register for Work, Just File a Claim for Unemployment Compensation, Complete and Unfinished Claim and Change your Method of Receiving Benefits.

    If you are a resident in South Carolina you should choose option choose option 1: File a Claim for unemployment compensation and register for work. However, if you live in another state but worked in South Carolina, you can choose Option 3: Just File a Claim for Unemployment Compensation. If you already filed your initial claim click on Option 2: Just Register for Work.

    Read the description page and click on next. Register yourself and check out the job seeking tools the website offers.

    Visit the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce Offices.

    There are seven main offices you can call and visit to register for work. Visiting one of the Department of Employment and Workforce is a good idea even if you choose to register for work online. You can talk face to  face with a trained officer which can provide you the information you need to take advantage of the many job seeking tools available to unemployed workers in South Carolina. Our previous article included a list of offices and contact information.

    Our next article will look into the third and last step you need to take to receive your unemployment compensation benefits: File your weekly claims.

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