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  • This is the second article of a two-article series of South Carolina’s training programs for the unemployed. As we argued in the introductory article, the reason many long-term unemployed workers cannot find work is they lack the skills the market now requires. Maybe you are a highly skilled factory operator, but if that factory has relocated to Iowa, Mexico or Madagascar, then you need to either move or reinvent yourself.

    Starting a new career may be daunting. After all you have invested a lot of time and energy in your current career. However, a period of unemployment may be the best chance you will get to receive free education while your most basic expenses are covered for. Our previous article provided information on South Carolina’s community college system and special programs for veterans who want access to higher education. This article will look at South Carolina’s Occupational Education Program, South Carolina’s Vocational Rehabilitation Program and South Carolina’s Technical Education Program.

    Vocational Rehabilitation Program

    South Carolina’s Vocational Rehabilitation Program offers work assistance to residents with disabilities to help them find a job. It also offers assistance to veterans who wish to find a job by offering services not offered by the Veteran’s Affairs department. These services for veterans include training, job placement, physical restoration, rehabilitation counseling and evaluation services. Would you like to learn more? Call 803.896.6500 or visit www.scvrd.net

    Occupational Education Program

    The road to employment may involve you acquiring some practical skills that make you more employable. Would you like to learn a trade that is in high demand in your area? Well, you can. The Occupational Education Program offers classroom and laboratory courses in a variety of high demand sectors, such as health occupations, home economics, distribution and marketing, agriculture and office occupation, to mention a few. Would you like to learn more and see the full list of available trades? Visit the Visit Career and Technology Education or call 803.734.8410.

    Technical Education Program

    Are you interested in getting a higher education, but don’t want to commit to a three- or four-year degree? No problem. South Carolina has a network of 16 technical colleges that offer one- and two-year training programs as well as many short courses. The South Carolina Technical and Comprehensive Education System is the largest post-high school education system in the state, so if you decide to give it a try, you can be sure you are in good hands. For more information visit SC Technical College System or check out the closest college to you.

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