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  • South Carolina legislators recently dropped the maximum unemployment benefits from 26 weeks to 20 weeks. Finding a job, and fast, is more urgent now than eve. But how can you improve your chances of finding a job in an economy such as this? The answer is education and training. If you are a long-term unemployed worker, the chances are you are in an industry or sector with low demand for workers. The solution? Change industry. Take advantage of the unemployment training programs still offered by the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce. Hurry, if the current trend continues, we might see cuts on these programs also!

    This two-article series on South Carolina unemployment training and education programs will look at five training programs available to unemployed workers in South Carolina. These programs aim to provide workers with the skills they need to find a new job. However, this often entails changing your line of work completely. If you are a skilled worker in an industry that is no longer in demand, this can be a difficult step to take. After all, you have invested so much in your career. However, extraordinary circumstances require extraordinary measures. Reinvent yourself and look into a new career. The good news is its free.

    Community Education

    Did you never get the chance to finish high school? Still haven’t managed to prepare for the G.E.D exam? Would you like to learn some new skills in a technical college? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, you would benefit from visiting a local community college. These colleges specialize in providing students with practical courses in industries which are in high demand in your area. Community colleges and technical schools usually work closely with local business to ensure their courses are relevant and teach the skills employers need. They can also help your prepare for your G.E.D exam, which will give your chances of finding a job a big boost.

    Would you like to learn more about the community colleges, technical schools, rehabilitation centers and other institutions that offer community education in South Carolina? Visit www.myschools.com for a complete list of community education providers in your area.

    Higher Education for Veterans

    Are you a veteran? Would you like to enroll in higher education courses? South Carolina colleges and universities welcome veterans, unemployed or otherwise, who wish to improve their education. In fact, most colleges will have specially trained staff to deal with the needs and requirements of veterans. For more information click here to visit the S.C. Commission on Higher Education website, call 803.737.2330 or write to

    S.C. Commission on Higher Education
    Veterans Education and Training
    1333 Main Street, Suite 200
    Columbia, SC 29201

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