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  • Once you establish your eligibility you could receive, for up to 20 weeks, a maximum possible benefit of $326.00 per week. Benefits are paid within about six weeks of your initial claim and severance pay is not an issue as it doesn’t´t affect your claim in any way.

    The actual benefit amount does depend on what you have earned and the insurance paid by your employers during the time you were working. You will be informed of the amount earned once you have been accepted as eligible. Should you find that some of your wages were missing from the total you could report to your local office with any missing documentation. Eligibility is established only after you file your claim. You will receive a positive answer if you lost your job through no fault of your own. Of course your employer or employers must have paid taxes on your behalf.

    During the time you were employed you must have earned a certain amount in the 12 months previous to the quarter when you lost your job. The local workforce centers will give you more information as to the minimum wages needed to qualify for benefits. This is because benefits are paid entirely from the employers fund unemployment insurance. If you earn any money at all while receiving benefits you have to report the amount. You are allowed to make up to one quarter of the weekly benefit amount before there is any deduction on your unemployment check. The earnings must be reported in the week that you work even if you are paid later. Not reporting your earnings could lead to prosecution. Even if you are called for jury duty the payments will be deducted from your weekly benefits.

    While you are receiving you benefits you qualify as long as you meet the requirements of the law which are that you be able, available and actively searching for full-time work. Anyone who is physically sick or away on a trip or not looking for work would not qualify for benefits. Actively looking for work is therefore important for you when you are claiming benefits.

    You will need to keep a good record of your efforts to find a job. Anytime you are offered work you will be required to accept it if the job is comparable to the work you did previously. No one who is a computer programmer would be expected to accept work as a plumber for example. Another thing to take into account is taxes. These are withheld at the federal rate of 10% as well as the state rate of 7%. If you wish to do so, when you file an unemployment claim, you can choose to withhold taxes. The IRS and you yourself will receive the 1099-G tax statement at the end of the year. Any change of address should be sent to The Employment Security Commission South Carolina. The IRS has a new electronic tax center to help those who have special needs

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