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    If you are a resident of South Carolina and are currently unemployed, www.sces.org is the website to visit about your concerns regarding finding a job and everything related to it. The site is owned and operated by the South Carolina Employment Security Commission, or SCESC. It is a government agency tasked with helping the unemployed find work and provides them with job insurance benefits.

    ClickVisiting SCESC’s website is a convenient way of looking for information about the Commission, what it can do for you and a lot more. You no longer need to visit their office or call them to make an inquiry. Just a few mouse clicks will show you what you’re looking for.

    What You will Find at SCES.org

    There is a lot of information that you can find at the SCESC’s website. The list below shows you some of the basic information you can get about unemployment and receiving benefits:

    1. Information about how the SCES can help you find work.
    2. Learn if you are eligible to receive unemployment benefits.
    3. Download and print forms you may need without visiting your local SCES office.
    4. Information about certain procedures and requirements so you’ll know what to do before paying your local SCESC office a visit.
    The website is not only about reading how the Commission can help you find work or learning how to apply for unemployment benefits. Aside from those things, the website also provides you with useful information about the Commission. Learn how they work with employers to help you find a job, read legal information that can help you with your legal questions, and find contact information of offices you can call or visit when you have other questions.

    Finding Your Way in the Site

    When you visit www.sces.org, you will soon notice the sheer number of pages that contain information about a variety of topics. It is alright if you frequently go online and are familiar about how websites work. But what if you don’t?

    my job sucksYou should not worry because there are several things that help you navigate the website. First, there are navigation links on the left of the page that help you go to certain parts of the site. These links are divided into several categories. Choose one depending on the information that you want to find out.

    Also, each category page is color-coded to make it easier for you to know exactly where you are on the site. The Jobs page, for example, is bluish which differentiates it from other pages like the Business category which is pinkish.

    Then finally, there’s the name of the category where you currently are which is written on the upper left portion of each page. You can find it just beside the SCESC logo, which tells you what part of the site you are in.

    All in all, the SCESC’s website is the easiest and most practical way for you to find information about unemployment benefits and other related topics. Visit it today at www.sces.org and learn how the SCESC can help you.

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